How to Select the Perfect Necklace Length?

Selecting the Ideal Necklace Length:
The choice of necklace length pertains to the chain's overall size and where it rests on your body.
The length is determined by measuring the chain when it's unclasped and laid flat. This measurement can be in inches or centimeters, and the jewelry industry generally adheres to standard lengths, typically ranging from 16" to 32". Some of these lengths also have specific names, such as "choker necklaces," which are 16 inches in length, and "matinee necklaces," which are 24 inches in length.
How to Determine Necklace Length at Home:
To ensure your new necklace fits perfectly as soon as you receive it, it's helpful to measure your desired length in advance. Measuring necklace length at home is a straightforward process. We recommend using a necklace you already own with the desired length as a reference.
Step 1: Unclasp the existing necklace.
Step 2: Lay it flat next to a ruler or measuring tape.
Step 3: Record the measurement in either inches or centimeters.
Step 4: This measurement will guide you when selecting a new chain.
sterling silver necklace length

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