Cleopatra's Pearl |World Famous Painting: The Banquet of Cleopatra(1653)

The Banquet of Cleopatra

Jewelry History: Legend has it that during the ancient Greek-Roman era, the Egyptian queen Cleopatra possessed two of the largest natural wild pearls in the world. It was said that their value could sustain the livelihood of the Egyptian people for a century. She invited Antony and many dignitaries to her banquet, and they engaged in a wager to determine who was more extravagant. Cleopatra took a cup of vinegar, removed one of her pearl earrings, and dropped it into the vinegar, then drank it down.

The surviving pearl was split into two and adorned the ears of the commemorative statue of the founding emperor of the Roman Empire. It is also said to be the pearl that hung from the ear of the love goddess Venus.


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