The jewelry box on the dressing table holds beautiful memories. Every time when you organize the jewelry box, do the items inside evoke your memories and bring a smile to your facet?  My first silver bracelet was a gift from my dad. He said, "My daughter’s first jewelry bracelet must be given by Dad because I want the unwavering love of a father to bless the safety of my daughter."


Good jewelry is timeless, but with daily care and careful attention, its quality can remain unchanged. Keeping the beauty and longevity of your jewelry is more than a matter of aesthetics; it's also an investment in preserving your cherished pieces for generations to come. Proper cleaning and storage play pivotal roles in ensuring retains the sparkle and value of your jewelry over time. With wholeheartedly commitment to our customers' jewelry, EWOOXY Jewelry is here to offer comprehensive guidance on how to care for and safeguard your precious possessions.


Cleaning Your Jewelry

Before embarking on the essential task of proper storage, it's imperative to prioritize regular cleaning. Neglecting this aspect can lead to detrimental consequences, including gemstone damage and metal tarnishing. We recommend a two-pronged approach, combining both home care and professional attention.


Fine Jewelry: While professional inspection and cleaning should occur at least twice a year, maintaining your fine jewelry can be a monthly routine. Please leave the complex ultrasonic cleaning of hard jewelry to our skilled professionals, as they possess the expertise to identify loose stones and recommend appropriate corrections. For your at-home maintenance, follow these steps:

1. Prepare a lukewarm water solution in a bowl, adding mild dishwashing detergent.

2. Employ a soft toothbrush to delicately remove dirt and debris, especially paying particular attention to any loose gemstones.

3. Should you discover any loose stones during this process, it's crucial to refrain from wearing the piece until it undergoes professional repair.

4. Gently pat the cleaned jewelry dry before moving on to storage.


Silver Jewelry: Silver pieces, with their unique luster, require special care. You can utilize silver polish or create an effective at-home cleaning solution with ease. Follow these steps to ensure your silver jewelry remains radiant:

1. Line a pan with aluminum foil and place your silver jewelry on top.

2. Sprinkle a combination of baking soda and salt onto the jewelry, using roughly one tablespoon of each per cup of water.

3. Pour boiling water over the jewelry until it is completely saturated and allow it to sit in the solution for a few minutes.

4. Afterward, remove the jewelry and gently pat it dry with a lint-free cloth. Be cautious, as this solution may harm karat gold jewelry, so it's vital to avoid exposing them to it.


Storing Your Jewelry

After your jewelry is immaculately cleaned and completely dry, proper storage is paramount to maintain its pristine condition.


Separation by Type: Prevent tarnishing caused by interactions between different metals by diligently storing various types of jewelry separately. For instance, fine jewelry should never share a space with costume, silver, or gold-filled pieces. To streamline this process, invest in jewelry boxes with dividers or drawers for efficient organization.


Gold Jewelry: Gold, though relatively malleable, can still be susceptible to scratching and damage when in contact with harder gemstones. To protect your gold jewelry from such mishaps, store each piece individually in soft cloth bags or wrap them carefully in tissue paper within your jewelry box.


Silver Jewelry: Store your silver jewelry in a jewelry box lined with cotton or felt, as this helps absorb excess moisture and prevents discoloration. Alternatively, consider loosely wrapping silver pieces in protective pouches to minimize air exposure. It's important to clean silver jewelry twice a year, but exercise caution to avoid over-polishing, which can potentially cause damage.


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Diamond Jewelry: Diamonds, renowned for their hardness, are not entirely impervious to harm. They can scratch each other and softer metals when stored carelessly. To safeguard your diamond pieces, keep them separate from other jewelry in a dry box, shielding them from humidity and potential friction.


Pearl Jewelry: Pearls, with their delicate composition, require careful consideration. They should be stored apart from harder jewelry items to prevent surface scratching. Additionally, pearls are known to interact negatively with plastic and are susceptible to oxidation. Since pearls contain trace amounts of water, avoid storing them in an airtight environment, which can render them brittle and damage their luster. Instead, opt for soft cloth pouches or a meticulously lined jewelry box to ensure your pearls remain pristine.


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Choosing the Right Environment: The environment in which you store your jewelry can significantly impact its condition. High humidity levels and fluctuating temperatures, often encountered in regions like North Central Florida, can be detrimental to your jewelry's longevity. To counteract these effects, consider implementing a dehumidifier or air conditioner in the room where your jewelry is stored. Alternatively, placing silica packets in your jewelry boxes can effectively absorb excess moisture, safeguarding your treasures. While it's crucial to maintain a cool, dry storage space away from direct sunlight, it's equally essential to strike a balance. Extreme temperatures, whether excessively cold or hot, can also pose risks to your jewelry's condition.



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It's important to note that some jewelry types, such as opals, have specific storage requirements. Opals benefit from a controlled level of moisture to prevent cracking, and our seasoned professionals at Brittany's Fine Jewelry are adept at offering tailored advice for their care.


In summary, the longevity and allure of your jewelry are contingent on meticulous cleaning and proper storage. EWOOXY Jewelry, a trusted jewelry online store, is not only dedicated to helping you select the perfect pieces but also committed to imparting the knowledge necessary for their preservation. We invite you to visit our online shop site  and explore our breathtaking collection, where beautiful jewelry awaits you in carefully curated jewelry boxes.



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