Ensuring Authenticity: How Can I Tell Whether My Silver is Sterling or Not?

Curious about the authenticity of your treasured sterling silver necklace, elegant sterling silver earrings, or refined 18k gold plated sterling silver jewelry? Distinguishing between authentic precious metals and imitations requires a keen eye for specific marks and characteristics.

Here are 7 tips for discovering their authenticity:


 Tip 1: Look for distinct marks or stamps about purity and origin.

Keep an eye out for marks like 925, 900, or 800, revealing different levels of silver purity; sterling silver should be at least 92.5% pure. At S925 Silver and 18K Gold Plated Fine Jewelry, authenticity matters.

Tip 2: Experiment with magnets!

Authentic silver won't be attracted to magnets, so if it sticks, it's likely not the real deal. Genuine silver keeps indifferent to magnetic forces.


 authentic sterling silver necklace


Tip 3: Take a whiff!

If your silver emits sulfur or a strong metallic scent, it might not be pure sterling silver. Genuine silver doesn't have any discernible odor.

Tip 4: Test its polish!

A soft cloth can tell the truth. If there's no black residue, it might not be silver; authentic silver tarnishes and leaves black marks when polished.

Tip 5: Do a scratch test.

If you notice another metal underneath, it could be silver-plated, not genuine sterling silver.

Tip 6: Try the ice trick! 

Real silver melts ice fast. If it swiftly melts, chances are it's authentic.

Tip 7: Be cautious with acid tests; they can damage your silver. 

It's best to seek professional help for this approach.


Remember, combining these methods—checking for marks, magnets, smell, polish, scratches, and the ice test—can assist in verifying your silver's authenticity. When uncertain, seek help from an expert!


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