How to Layer Necklaces?

Here are four styling tips to keep in mind when layering necklaces:


1. Embrace Mixed Metals: To give your layered necklace a modern look, consider combining different metal types.Search in yourJewelry box. You can effortlessly wear both your silver and gold jewelry together for a unique effect.



2. Spotlight a Statement Piece: Choose a single statement necklace, such as a pearl necklace, to serve as the focus of your ensemble. Let this standout necklace take center stage while the others complement its style.Make your own motif necklaces.


3. Play with Necklace Weights: Add intrigue to your layered necklace arrangement by mixing chunky and delicate chains, as well as incorporating necklaces with various textures. This diverse combination enhances the overall look.


4. Customize with Pendants: If you enjoy changing your style frequently, maintain a set of base chains and switch things up by adding different pendants depending on the occasion. This approach offers versatility and allows you to adapt your look effortlessly.


While there are numerous aspects to consider when layering necklaces, you can simplify the process by opting for pre-designed jewelry sets. This way, the styling work is already done for you, and all that's left is to adorn yourself with these beautiful pieces at jewelry store EWOOXY.



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