The Legend of Pearls | World Famous Painting: The Birth of Venus

The birth of Venus


In Western legend, the goddess of beauty, Venus, was born from a seashell. When the shell opened, every drop of dew that fell from her body turned into round and lustrous pearls. Praising someone as Venus is the highest compliment bestowed upon women, representing the embodiment of truth, goodness, and beauty.


This is also the origin of the commercial name "Venus" in the Australian and New Zealand pearl industry. Then, what does pearl jewelry symbolize? It symbolizes beauty, love, and fertility. With Venus revered as the goddess of love, pearl jewelry also embodies feminine grace and allure.


Pearls were first discovered in the ancient human settlements of the Middle East, dating back 5,100 years to the Neolithic era. In Middle Eastern legend, shells would float to the surface of the warm summer seas, absorbing sunlight and catching the tears of the gods. When the shells sank to the ocean floor, they would mix sunlight and tears to conceive pearls.


Do pearls go with gold?

Pearls can also be paired with gold to create elegant and timeless jewelry pieces. The combination of pearls and gold is often considered classic and luxurious. Gold provides a warm and lustrous backdrop that complements the natural beauty of pearls. It is common to see pearl necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings featuring gold settings, chains, or accents. The combination of pearls and gold can add a touch of sophistication and refinement to any ensemble.


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