How Can I Tell Whether My Silver is Sterling or not?

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Want to know if that shiny sterling silver minimalist necklace is the real deal?

sterling silver minimalist necklace

Look for special marks or stamps on it first. These marks usually show the silver's purity, who made it, and sometimes even when it was made. Keep an eye out for numbers like 925, 900, or 800, which mean different levels of purity—sterling silver's gotta be 92.5% pure at least. Beauty plus at S925 Silver and 18K Gold Plated Fine Jewelry

Next up, magnets! Real silver isn't magnetic, so grab one and see if it sticks to your silver item. If it does, sorry, it's not the real deal. Real silver's more like, 'Meh, magnets, whatever.'

Smell that silver! If it gives off any strong smells like sulfur or a strong metal scent, it's probably not pure sterling silver. The good stuff? Odorless.

Polishing time! Take a soft cloth and give that silver a rub. If there's no black gunk on the cloth, it's not silver. Real silver tarnishes and shows some black when polished.

Scratch it a bit. If you see another metal under the surface, it might be silver-plated. Not the same as sterling silver, but still got some silver on top.

Now, the ice trick! Pop an ice cube on top of your silver. Real silver melts that ice faster than you'd expect. If it's melting super quick, chances are it's the real deal.

But hey, be careful with that acid test! It can really mess up your silver, so better leave that to the experts.


Remember, a mix of these tricks—looking for marks, magnets, smell, polish, scratches, and the ice test—can help you figure out if your silver's legit or not. When in doubt, get a pro's opinion! 



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