Can I Wear Sterling Silver in the Shower?

Some individuals prefer to keep their cherished sterling silver jewelry on at all times, including during showers, to ensure they don't forget to wear it. However, we'll examine why it might not always be advisable to wear sterling silver in the shower.


Is it safe to wear sterling jewelry in the shower?

Showering while wearing sterling silver jewelry is unlikely to cause harm to the metal itself. Nevertheless, since silver is a natural metal, it can react with certain substances. Water can lead to oxidation of the silver, resulting in tarnishing and a darker appearance. Additionally, there's a risk of dropping or misplacing your jewelry, so it's advisable to remove your sterling silver jewelry before showering.

take off in the shower 

What to consider when wearing silver jewelry in the shower:

1. Chlorine, salts, and harsh chemicals: Some water sources may contain chlorine or other chemicals that can potentially harm the silver when showering with it.

2. "Hard water," which is prevalent in the South and East of England, has a high mineral content that can affect the appearance of silver. If you're aware that your water is hard, it's best to remove your jewelry before showering.

3. Soaps, shower gels, and shampoos: The chemicals in your cleansing products, including strongly perfumed or fragranced ones, can be too abrasive for delicate sterling silver jewelry.

4. Dropping jewelry in the shower: It's also important to exercise caution when wearing fragile sterling silver jewelry in the shower to prevent accidental loss. Even a small pair of studs or a delicate ring can easily slip down the drain and disappear forever.


Therefore, we recommend taking off your sterling silver jewelry and securing it in a safe place before showering. More Tips Here.


What to do if your sterling silver becomes tarnished:


If your silver jewelry changes color or tarnishes after being worn in the shower, don't worry. Tarnished silver can be easily cleaned, especially if you act promptly upon noticing it. The best way to restore its shine and prevent further tarnishing is by polishing your sterling silver jewelry. For more information on caring for your sterling silver jewelry, you can visit our jewelry care page or read our blog post on how to clean silver jewelry at home.


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