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Color: Vintage Gold

Pattern: sterling silver open ring (adjustable)

 More info about 2-year warranty

The design is inspired by the pleats created by stacking fabrics, and the addition of torn edges makes the whole more natural, and opal accents add a soft glow to the monotonous silver body.

  • Material: S925 silver/opal/18k Gold Plated
  • Color: white gold /vintage gold
  • Size: Height approx. 25mm /Width approx. 22mm /Opal approx. 8mm (irregular characteristics, subject to receipt of the actual product)

Magnifying the sparkle in unique you!

When east meets west with an oxy touch, EWOOXY™️ is more than just accessory jewelry and  everyday look jewelry. It is a statement of vitality, strength and resilience for women. 

Affordable Jewelry @ EWOOXY™️

EWOOXY combines the best of east and west.

EWOOXY gives you a breath of fresh oxygen.

EWOOXY makes you feel alive and blessed.

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