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Color: White Gold

Pattern: Sterling Silver Necklace (Adjustable Length)


 More info about 2-year warranty

The design inspiration comes from the interpretation of life, and the design language of "withered vines supporting the nest" is adopted in the design. The silver claw support structure represents the residual branches of life going towards dusk, and the round beads represent the new nests that breed life on the residual branches and dead vines.

  • Material: S925 silver/natural pearl/18k Gold Plated
  • Color: white gold/vintage gold
  • Size: Chain length about 41cm + 6cm extension chain; pearl about 5mm ~ 5.5mm

Magnifying the sparkle in unique you!

When east meets west with an oxy touch, EWOOXY™️ is more than just accessory jewelry and  everyday look jewelry. It is a statement of vitality, strength and resilience for women. 

Affordable Jewelry @ EWOOXY™️

EWOOXY combines the best of east and west.

EWOOXY gives you a breath of fresh oxygen.

EWOOXY makes you feel alive and blessed.

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